Järnmalmer in numbers

The boom in raw materials that we saw a decade ago is now a fading memory. We are facing a very challenging situation in the scrap metal business with falling prices and an uncertain global economy reflected in strong price volatility. It is more important than ever to get accurate analysis of current trends and to focus on developing processes that give our customers added value. We must find smart solutions and develop further along the conversion chain.

In 2015/2016 the Järnmalmer Group reported sales of around EUR 30 million. We saw falling prices for our end-products throughout the entire period except for the spring of 2016, when prices for scrap steel rose quickly for a short period before falling back to low levels.

Our strengths are our flexibility, closeness to the customer and the business awareness across our organisation. Despite tough market conditions, Järnmalmer delivered a profit after financial items of EUR 1.22 million. According to credit rating company UC's branch report in October 2016, Järnmalmer came in 8th place for earnings per employee among Sweden's 1,100 recycling companies.

The start of the 2016/2017 business year was strong for us in conditions where we could draw benefit from a temporary market upturn following the outcome of the US presidential election. We have seen record-high coal prices, while rising iron ore prices pushed up scrap metal prices during the autumn and winter of 2016.

Over the past year Järnmalmer has signed a 20-year agreement concerning continued production at the Göteborg plant in Sweden. This is a key part of the long-term strategy we are following. In 2017, Järnmalmer will make significant investments in plant, including a new stationary cutting and pressing station with tripled capacity for cut and pressed products.

Järnmalmer has been in business for almost 70 years. Over the past decade the company has generated around EUR 205 million in sales in total, with a total profit after financial items over that period of EUR 10.25 million. That gives us great strength to meet the challenges of the future as a powerful dedicated partner.