Järnmalmer expands with new company

After ten years on the Russian market the time felt right to start up Järnmalmer International Oy. Anton Kaznakov, the company’s CEO, has long experience of international scrap trading and comes from a leading position at one of the leading scrap companies in the St. Petersburg region.

Järnmalmer International Oy, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary, will strengthen our purchasing channels in Russia and the Baltic states especially. Our hope is also to further develop our opportunities on other international markets. We believe this development is necessary for us to remain competitive over the long term on the global raw materials market. Improved operational strength will enable Järnmalmer to send its own staff in principle anywhere in the world within short notice in order to establish contacts, manage business deals and build an international profile.

Järnmalmer International OY
Koetilantie 1 B 5
00790 Helsinki

FAX: +358 46 8701244
GSM: +358 50 4630392