Recycling services – as a whole

The recycling industry has developed over the years into a capital-intensive large-scale industry with stringent environmental requirements. We offer complete solutions for recycling iron and metal scrap and other residual products, such as paper, plastic and wood. Regardless of whether you are working within industry, the construction sector or municipal operations, we have well-thought-out solutions for efficient management.

We identify needs, listen and try to find improvements. We develop the right type of carriers and ensure that they are emptied at the right time. Järnmalmer processes iron and metal scrap at its own facility in Gothenburg; other residual products are dealt with by approved subcontractors.

Reporting and environmental documentation are important to us. We want you as a customer to get a good, coherent overview of where your waste fractions end up and how they are handled. This also provides important environmental information for your company for authorities, customers and other interested parties.

In order to find the right markets, Järnmalmer has a strong international network of buyers for our residual products, i.e. iron and metal scrap, and we compete with the strongest players throughout the world. For other types of waste we opt to employ subcontractors who are represented on the local markets and who understand the importance of systematic environmental and quality commitment and rational waste management.

The waste industry is broad, varied and complex. We believe that you cannot be the best in all areas and segments. Our concept is based on taking overall responsibility for the entire waste chain. Through us you have an overall contact for all waste issues. We do what we are good at, i.e. handling iron and metal scrap; other physical undertakings we leave to our partners. The most important thing is that you as a customer get the optimum solution in terms of finance, the environment and procedures that can be easily incorporated into your daily activities.

We take responsibility for the recycling process as a whole.