Containers, equipment and transport

We have equipment for recycling material to suit your operation, everything from small containers and vessels of a few hundred litres up to large containers and interchangeable cargo beds that will hold 40 cubic metres. Adjusting carriers to suit requirements is important. We supply equipment to suit you and your requirements.

Järnmalmer will collect material regardless of whether it is loaded in our carriers, palletised goods or still loose material on the ground. We can also assist by coming out to the site and cutting down material that is too bulky, loading the material and then collecting it. We have two of our own combined container/hook loader trucks. This allows us to always be able to help without being dependent on any other party. Otherwise we buy in transport services from local haulage contractors who can offer everything from container trucks to crane trucks and trailers.

We normally fulfil collection requests the following day. We try to ensure that containers are emptied or collected the same day if such a service is requested. For large industrial facilities, where the flow of material is substantial and daily emptying is required, we have solutions incorporating fully-automatic emptying without request.

We adapt to your needs and requirements.